Locked Sunday, October 8, 2000 Launch

Mark Recktenwald <m_reckt@...>

Our next launch will be this Sunday, October 8, 2000 at the Summit
County Fairgrounds. Setup 9:00 a.m., range open from 10:00 a.m. until
4:00 p.m.

At this time, I have no details on our waiver. Until we get word from
Stan, LMR rules (FAR 101.22) will be in effect.

The Summit County Fairgrounds are located on the northeast quadrant of
the intersection of North Avenue (S.R.91) and Howe Road in Tallmadge,
Ohio. The launch range will be set up in the northwest portion of the
fairgrounds property, in a turf parking area, accessible from S.R. 91,
just north of the soccer fields.

Here's a URL to a MapsOnUs map of the area:
If your browser clips or wraps the above link, you'll have to cut and
paste everything together from

The label "E" on their map stands for "End Point" and can be used in
their "Route Planner" to plan a route from your home to the site. To do
this, click on their link to "Plan a Route" on the left side of the
page. On the next page, click the "Enter Address" button under "Start of
Route". Enter your address, City, and State; then click "SET START
ADDRESS". On the resulting page, click on "Plan Route". You'll then be
presented with a full map from start to finish and turn-by-turn

Note: In FAR Sec. 101.22, Large model rockets are defined as "model
rockets that use not more than 125 grams of propellant ... and that
weigh not more than 1,500 grams, including the propellant".

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Mark Recktenwald
Stow, Ohio
NAR #77432, Level 1, Co V.P./Sec'y MTMA, NAR Section #606
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