Locked October 22, 2000 Launch

Mark Recktenwald <m_reckt@...>

Our next launch will be this Sunday, October 22, 2000, at the Summit
County Fairgrounds. Setup at 9:00 a.m., range open from 10:00 a.m. until
about 4:00 p.m.

Permission from the Summit County Fairgrounds was confirmed today

No word from Stan yet on the waiver. I assume we will get the usual
waiver to 3,500 feet. If not, LMR rules (FAR 101.22) will be in effect.

Stan, Tod, and I will bring our ground support equipment. I also have
Chuck's Trigger(tm), his four-rod rack-launch system. If you want to
bring your own gear, no problem, if we have too much just leave it in
the car.

For those not familiar with the fairgrounds, we will be in the
northwestern portion of the fairground's property, on the east side of
North Avenue (S.R. 91), north of Howe Avenue and the Tallmadge soccer
fields. The range will be set up in a grass parking area, a mowed field
about 25 acres in size with over 100 acres of former farmland (tall
weeds) to the north.


Here is a URL to a MapsOnUs map:
If your browser clips or wraps the above link, you'll have to cut and
paste everything together from

The label "E" on their map stands for "End Point" and can be used in
their "Route Planner" to plan a route from your home to the site. To do
this, click on their link to "Plan a Route" on the left side of the
page. On the next page, click the "Enter Address" button under "Start of
Route". Enter your address, City, and State; then click "SET START
ADDRESS". On the resulting page, click on "Plan Route". You'll then be
presented with a full map from start to finish and turn-by-turn


In FAR Sec. 101.22, Large model rockets are defined as "model rockets
that use not more than 125 grams of propellant ... and that weigh not
more than 1,500 grams, including the propellant".

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See you Sunday!

Mark Recktenwald
Stow, Ohio
Moderator of MTMA on eGroups: http://www.egroups.com/group/MTMA
NAR #77432, Level 1, Co V.P./Sec'y MTMA, NAR Section #606
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