Locked MTMA Group Charter


The MTMA group was created as a way of notifying its members of MTMA
events, news, etc. Anyone who is interested in rocketry in the
northeast Ohio area can join the group. It doesn't matter if you
belong to one of the many rocketry organizations or not.

This is not a discussion group. Discussions on subjects related to
model rocketry and high power rocketry are held on the Usenet
Newsgroup news://rec.models.rockets (RMR).

Messages posted to MTMA@... will be automatically sent to all
members of the MTMA group, and, therefore, should be reserved for
official notifications of MTMA events, and important news and other
information deemed relevant by the moderator. At this time, the
moderator will review all messages sent to the group before they are
posted. The moderator has better things to do with his time and would
just as soon not have to do this; however, it is in the moderator's
best interest that this group become the main means of the
dissemination of group information. To this end, he will do
in his power to see that members of this group are not inconvenienced
by their membership (i.e., there should be no increase in unwanted

Mark Recktenwald
MTMA Group Moderator