Moderated March 11 ,& 12 Launch status

M Schevey

Thoughts on the launch possibility this weekend?  Looks like snow showers thru early am on Saturday, low clouds hanging on a little later.  Then temperatures stay low thru Sunday.   Wind early Saturday from NNW @ 10mph, diminishing and shifting from E @ 5mph by afternoon on Sunday.

Are you going to wait and see if any changes? Try it and see what it's like at the field (Sat / Sun)? Or call it and hope for better conditions in 2 weeks?

Wolfram v.Kiparski

There is no launch this weekend.  We start scheduling launches in March hoping to catch those rare days that sometimes come around.  We've experienced some perfect flying conditions during the late Winter and early Spring in the past.  This weekend is not going to be one of those times.  As we have for many years, we will continue to make "GO" and "NOGO" announcements one or two days before every launch.

And please renew your MTMA membership, or join up if you've been lurking this forum for years and never flew rockets with us.  If you do decide to join, please be aware that both the dues and the form are due back to us.  NAR Membership is required.  Some people send just the dues, or just the form.  That won't work.  It is all explained here:

In the meantime, build another model rocket.  And set your clocks this weekend.