Locked List History


This group replaces the e-mail address lists manually maintained by
the officers of MTMA.

The original list was nothing more than a few e-mail addresses of
guys who were posting messages on RMR and decided to get together to
fly some rockets. Seven flyers and their families attended our first
launch in May 1999.

As other area rocketeers were found on RMR, they were invited to
By the end of 1999, we decided to form our own NAR section. The
moderator's personal web page was expanded and an area added for the
MTMA web page. A form was placed on the web page for folks to enter
their e-mail address. It said: "If you live near Kent and wish to
us for our next launch, enter your name and e-mail address in the
boxes below and click ''Subscribe''. Your e-mail address will be
to our distribution list."

The list has now grown to over 60 members and is a bit unwieldy for
to maintain and update.

Mark Recktenwald
MTMA Group Moderator