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Greetings Fellow Rocketeers:

You are invited to attend Tripoli Pittsburgh's final launch event of 2000,
"Dragon's Fire 18," which will be held at the Jones Farm launch site at
Charleroi, PA (Monongahela/Centerville exit - Exit #13 - I-70), on October
28. Set-up begins at 7:00 AM, and flight operations last from 9:00 AM to
5:00 PM. FAA waiver is 5K feet AGL, and up through I motors are
pre-approved for flight operations. J-motor flights are permissible,
contingent upon flight conditions, with approval from me, John Baer or
Francis Graham.

******Important Note*********

Please note that due to the proximity of I-70, and potential problems
associated with rocket drift into the vicinity of this freeway, the Range
Safety Officer(s) for this and subsequent Dragon's Fire events will be
working closely with flyers whose rockets will exceed 2,000 ft. in apogee.
Flyers in this range will be expected provide the RSO with the details of
the rocket's recovery system, demonstrating how drift will be controlled
(e.g. two-stage recovery systems). It is strongly recommended that all
flyers who will exceed 2,000 ft. use two-stage recovery systems, or where
feasible, increase the overall descent rate with small/reefed parachutes
streamers. Additionally, the RSO or his/her designee may assist the flyer
with pad set-up to determine the optimal angle for safe flight operation.
Wind conditions may result in prohibiting certain flights, and any flights
which the RSO deems as too high a risk, for reasons of recovery drift or
any other safety factor, will be scrubbed. The decision of the RSO will


Vendor Information:

As usual, toilet facilties will be provided, there will be a food and
beverage vendor. At this point, due to schedule conflicts, it is known
that neither Magnum nor Performance Hobbies will be able to attend the
event. No other rocketry vendors have confirmed their presence at this
time, but I will send updates if I learn that any will attend.

For more detailed information, maps, etc., refer to the Tripoli Pittsburgh
website: http://www.rimworld.com/tripoli_pgh/.

We hope to see you there!

Ken Good
Prefect, Tripoli Pittsburgh

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