Locked Sunday's Launch

Tod Hilty

Just a quick reminder regarding Sunday's launch at our Pioneer Trail flying
field. Setup is at 9AM, and the range will be open from 10AM to 4PM.
Currently, LMR rules apply, but we may have a 4000 foot waiver, if Stan can
get it activated.

Weather looks good at this point, but if we get a lot of rain between now
and Sunday, the launch may be scrubbed, as the field tends to get very
swampy with rain. If there is a scrub, it will be announced via email
before 8AM Sunday morning, so please check your email before departing for
the field.

The corn in the eastern field has been removed, and the corn in the western
field was in the process of being harvested. I'll be checking the field
later today, and will report back its status.

For directions to the field, see the MTMA web site at:


Tod A. Hilty
Hilty Information Systems