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Tom Augustyn

Just a heads up. The sport range looks very tempting (500 acres) but has limited launch rods available. Everything is geared toward using rail buttons on your rockets including it seems the smaller birds. Any  rocket that flies on 29 mm motor or higher requires rail buttons. One of the reasons I opted not to make the 4 hour drive this year.

Sport Range.JPG

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Hi in July they are having a festival in New York at Geneseo, NY I was thinking of making a trip up there to a day trip. 

Daniel Fabec

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Was this canceled because of a club issue or aurora park’s issue. Wasn’t this supposed to be the night launch?

We had a duplicate entry on our calendar.  I deleted one and the bot sent out this message.

September 11 Community Launch and NRC will happen, weather permitting.  Night launch is September 25.

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