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M Schevey

Ollie and I did the BYOG launches a few of the available weekends over winter. It was usually only 3-5 rockets till fingers were cold and we would leave after 30-90 minutes.

Then my wife had neck surgery in February followed by our youngest getting Covid the following week. So she went to a hotel for a month, as I was in isolation with with the kids. THANKFULLY, Kris's neck is much improved, the cases of Covid were mild, not everyone got it, and we are all out the other side, but it's been crazy for last 8-10 weeks.

We did build a bunch of new rockets during lockdown/isolation, some still need paint. Really looking forward to getting caught up, that we can get back to lunching on our designated weekends. HOPE TO SEE EVERYONE SOON.


We have been launching as a byog. Not sure when all the clubs loose ends will be finalized, but until then we can launch on the second and fourth weekend of the month as a byog. The next launch is April 24 weather permitting.

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Fantastic! My boys have been wanting to come launch. We are members of NAR and designate the local club. So guess that’s as good as it gets for right now. 

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The park is still available. I am the president of the Flying Aces and our members are inquiring to me about the MTMA. I do not like having to answer "I don't know."

Members can bring your own gear on the 2nd and 4th weekends of the month. But if there is nowhere to pay dues, who is a member?

The grass is short still, and we have enlarged the rocket field are to an 80 foot circle, and we rolled the furoughs down a bit. 


On Sun, Apr 11, 2021, 5:16 PM Jennifer Davis <jhercik@...> wrote:
I think a few of us have inquired but no one has heard (that I’m aware). I hope things can get going soon. Or if the Aurora park is still available, maybe we can meet there. 

On Apr 11, 2021, at 4:49 PM, Bob Ferrante <robert.1.ferrante@...> wrote:

MTMA activity has slowed. Is the club still flying? There have been no launch announcments. There has been no news about paying dues. I hope everything is OK.

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