locked MTMA #11 Launch Report, and other stuff

Tod Hilty

Launch report is up on RMR. I won't post it over here, it got rather large..
Please feel free to bend, staple, and spindle as you see fit!


As for Sunday, Phil is working on getting the corn out of the western field.
He's got about 20 rows out around the perimeter, and doesn't know if the
rest will be down by this weekend, as the corn in the center is still too wet.

Flying is still most possible tho', as we've still got the field to the
east, and given a good westerly, or southerly wind we'd have plenty of room
to put some good sized stuff up.

Weather for Sunday looks pretty decent at this point, but it's still pretty
early to tell.

I'm game... can I have a headcount on who else might attend MTMA #12 on Sunday?


Tod A. Hilty
Hilty Information Systems

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