locked Why Did We Move to

Mark Recktenwald

A number of us have been frustrated with Yahoo Groups for some time. Our Calendar notifications have been spotty (I manually sent out the ones for this Saturday's launch). I have been evaluating as a replacement.

Yahoo customer care recently indicated that they no longer support Yahoo Groups. Google Groups have been similarly neglected.

Verizon’s recent acquisition of Yahoo will likely affect Yahoo Groups. The new company that Verizon has created with the combined assets of AOL and Yahoo is called Oath. Take a look at the "Our Brands" page at Yahoo Groups is notably absent. It is possible that Yahoo Groups could stop working one day, and then our contact list and all of our group content would be lost.

If you use email to post group messages receive group messages, all that's changed is the email address. You can send and receive group messages from your email just like you did with the Yahoo Group. Files, photos, etc. can be accessed at the website just like the Yahoo Group.

The creator of is the same person who designed the original groups service (ONElist) that through mergers and acquisitions become Yahoo Groups.

Now let's go fly some rockets!

Mark Recktenwald
MTMA Group Moderator