locked Welcome to the New MTMA Group on

Mark Recktenwald

I want to welcome everyone who is still interested in the MTMA and NE Ohio rocketry. Thanks for staying with us during the move to The email address for posting at the new group location is:

If you put this in your address book, most email services and programs will offer to autocomplete the address after you type the first few characters in the "To:" field when composing a new message. You can delete the old group email address on Yahoo (posting has been turned off there anyway). If you do not delete it, you'll get two suggestions for autocomplete.

If you used email to read and compose messages in the old group on Yahoo, you can do the same on If you wish to access additional features on the web, this is the URL for the new site:

All of our previous messages, files, photos, etc. have been transferred over. Whatever was in the old group has been copied here. This was a part of the reason that we chose to move to If you find that anything is missing, let me know and I can copy it here manually from the old group.

Thanks again,
Mark Recktenwald
MTMA Group Moderator