locked T-MINUS 20:30, AND HOLDING...

Tod Hilty

We are at T- 20:30:00 and holding...

The planned hold a T- 20:30:00 has commenced in order to load ETOH stores,
pre-warm the hydrazine systems, and to begin LOX tanking.. Xmas party crew
has begun review of mission targets, and objectives...

Everybody clear on the map!? Very large house, two tone, blue and grey,
picket fence in the front, and a dead '85 Camaro to the north side.. BTW,
it's yours if you can haul it out! The Camaro that is... <g>

Use my driveway as the first approach. I've secured my neighbor's driveway,
and we have clearance from the village to park on the treelawn as necessary...

We will have a "Parking Superintendant" in place in order to direct
potential traffic...





Regrettably I will have to abort my planned mission to the Hilty's.

I was hoping to do a flyby with my brother, who is visiting from Dallas, but
late soccer games ('till 8pm) and a vehicle shortage (the Cutlass went down
last night) have forced me to scrub the mission (including a planned mission
to Mars Models today).

I was really looking forward to this gathering since it's been a while - last
year in the early days of MTMA ;) - since we had time to socialize and share
a couple cold ones.

My apologies to Jenny.

Merry Christmas to all!