locked Sunday's Launch Status

Tod Hilty

Hey all!

Checked the field this evening, and found it's just a bit soft. Not nearly
the mire we had the last time around. Looks like we're in for a bit of
precip tomorrow, but Sunday's forecast has changed drastically! Intellicast
now sez mostly sunny, but cold.. high only around 30. Dunno about you guys,
but I'll take a reasonably dry field, and sun!

At this time, I have no waiver information, so it looks like we'll be flying
with LMR rules only. G maximum power limit. This will only be until we get
our waiver situation straightened out. I'll be filing a NOTAM tomorrow
morning with Cleveland ATC.

Anyway, things are looking pretty good! I'll check things out again
tomorrow afternoon, and keep y'all posted.