locked Sunday's Launch Scrubbed!

Tod Hilty


Scrubbed. Again.

According to John Pichan, we had over 5" of rain last night. I checked the
field this morning, and the only dry thing I could spot was the old gas well
head. The _entire_ field is under water. The ditches along Pioneer Trail
are completely flooded which basically nulls the idea of being able to park
along the road. Even if we could do that, we'd need hip boots to put our
rockets on the pad.

John mentioned that he normally would have absolutely no problem with us
flying on his property, but, because *he's* got 8" of water standing now,
it's a no-go.

So, I guess "Third time's a charm" is a bunch of hooey!

We'll reschedule the launch (again) to our rain date of 04/22. I highly
recommend that if anyone wants to launch Sunday, please follow Barry's
advice and patronize the Tri-City Skybusters. Maybe you won't have to
"sail" out to the pads on their field!

At least, as Mark said, I should be able to get some rockets painted this