locked Sunday's Launch GO!

Tod Hilty

We're GO for Sunday all..

Checked the field out at about 4:30 this evening, and everything seems to be
frozen nicely. Please access the field by the same oil well road, and you
should encounter no trouble. The rangehead should be set up back by the
spiffy traffic cone covering the old gas well. People with 2wd may have
some trouble with the snow, as the Tracker (being extremely light) spun a
bit to get back on the road, but there's no mud. I'll bring a chain, and we
should have a few bodies around to help with the pushing in case anyone ends
up "disabled"...

Range will be open from 10:30 to 3:30, and I should be out there about 10AM.
Forecast is slightly warmer than today, cloudy, with rain in the afternoon,
so please dress accordingly. There's still about 3-4 inches of snow on the
field, so waterproof boots will probably be nice. Also, during recovery,
watch your step, as many of the furrows in the field are nicely covered over
by snow.

Graciously, Mike Leffler will be delivering Trigger, and I'll be bringing a
nice and warm, freshly charged battery, so our model, and mid-power GSE
worries are over. HPR will be dependant on Stan, and (hopefully) Randy.
NOTAM has been filed, so we will be flying under LMR rules, unless Stan
notifies us of an activated HPR waiver.

If any of you who are after deer can get there just after sunrise, you
should be able to bag one, as there are bazillions of tracks from the deer
grazing the corn on the ground... <bg>

Anyway, hope to see you all there!