locked Sunday's Launch

Tod Hilty

Hi all...

It looks like we'll go ahead, and try and fly on Sunday.

The weather report for the weekend has improved slightly, with it now
indicating that we shouldn't have rain on Sunday. My biggest concern, at
this point, is the fact that temperatures will be moving above freezing,
starting today, all through the weekend. We've currently got about 5" of
snow on the ground, and if enough of that melts, the field conditions at
Pioneer Trail will be horrid. I'm going to go ahead, and get a NOTAM filed
for Sunday, and I'll check the field condition on Saturday afternoon. If it
looks too muddy at that point, I'll scrub the launch Saturday night.
Please, please, please check your email Saturday night, and Sunday morning
before leaving, as I will post a "go, no-go" message regardless of the
status of the field.

If the durn ground would've just stayed frozen, we'd be in fine shape!

Also, it appears that we will have a shortage of GSE. Trigger will not be
making an appearance at this launch. I'll tear my launcher apart again this
weekend, and try to figure out what its problem is. If I get it working,
I'll bring it, but I make no guarantees! <g> At this point, we need all
types of GSE for Sunday (model, mid, and high power).

I'll keep y'all posted with any additional details...