locked Sunday Launch/Christmas Party

Tod Hilty

Hi all.. quick update..

Just recieved email from Mike Leffler, and Mark Recktenwald, and Trigger
*will* be making an appearance tomorrow. This should cover our model/mid
power GSE requirements. If Stan comes out, our HPR GSE should be covered too.

I will post again, late this afternoon, regarding the final status of the
launch. At this point, it doesn't look like we'll be in for any major
thawing today, so things should be fine tomorrow morning. Range will be
open from 10:30AM to 3:30PM, with LMR rules in effect. HPR will be allowed
pending activation of the waiver via Stan.

In other news...


Don't forget, the MTMA holiday party will take place next Saturday, at my
house, from 7PM to 11PM (or whenever we get done yakking). I'll be posting
a couple of links to the group WRT directions to my house. If y'all are
familiar with the Pioneer Road field, I'm only about 3 miles further to the
east. Getting to the field is 9/10 of the battle.

Several requests...

LAUNCH VIDEOS! We need to watch a few! Anyone who has (for whatever
reason) chronicled the MTMA, bring the tapes... Should be good for plenty of
laughs! I know Stan has a bunch of LDRS videos, so if you come over Stan
(which I hope you will), be sure to throw those in the car!

If anyone would like to bring additional food they are more than welcome to.
Cheese/Crackers, chips, pretzels, etc. will be fine, as we will have plenty
of food to begin with. The Hilty household is usually a little light on
diet pop, and *real* booze, so if there are scotch drinkers out there,
you'll have to bring your own (I *do* have half a fifth of gin, and tequilla
available as a reserve... Also, I think there may be some Rumpleminz, and
Jagermeister hiding around here somewhere too.. :).

We'll also have a "box 'o wine" for those of you who would like to partake
of the grape...

I'll have good ol' standard Genesee, and Genesee Light, and a couple, or ten
sixpacks of _good_ German Bock's, Marzens, and Pilsners for those of us who
are after the calories... Plus, I think our resident Braumeister, Mr.
Recktenwald, may stick a few of his own in the batch too! Also, we'll have
plenty of normal caffene laced pop to really get the young'uns torqued..

I'll be barbequeing chicken wings (sorta hottish buffalo wings), and we'll
have boiled shrimp, cookies, and candy out the wazoo, and other standard
holiday fare...

Hope to see y'all tomorrow, and at the party. Remember to check your email
tonight regarding the final status of tomorrow's launch!