locked [SkyBusters] Sunday's Launch Cancelled

Tod Hilty

Oh boy.. I'm in for it now..

Sorry all, but the weather just doesn't want to cooperate this weekend.
With winds forecast at 10-15 mph S, SW, our recovery area would (even with
some hefty launch rod angles) end up over the neighboring houses, and the
woods across the road.'s "Windcast" shows winds around
what we've expierenced today. If this bloody low would just move off to the
east, we'd be in great shape. Pichan's place is very "flyable" when winds
are from the N, or NW, but in this situation I just don't think things'll
work out.

Rain, I'm not worried about. 70% was called for today, and we didn't see a
drop. The same chance of precip is called for tomorrow, but in this case,
the wind is causing problems.

Hope Mark Recktenwald has better weather over in Indy for the 500!

Yours in cancellation...


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