locked November 24th, 2000 Launch report, Summit County Fairgrounds, Tallmadge, Ohio

M <mleffler@...>

Winds: 0 - 5 mph.
Temperature: 38F - 42F
LMR rules in effect

As temporary scribe, this will be a rather short report, but for late
November, we couldn't have asked for a nicer day (maybe a tad bit warmer).
In order to save time, launches will be listed by person rather than in
sequence of order.

Chuck Straka - Chuck started the day with a nice little "wind & drift check"
launch on an Alpha 3 using an A8-3. Chucks other flights were as follows:
a drag race with Mark Recktenwald both using Sidewinders on C6-3 (no talk of
racing for pink-slips). He followed this with a NCR eliminator on a F20-4,
and then his F22 Air Superior Booster <sp> on a B6-4. Chuck then hauled out
his Big Daddy and lofted it on a F40-7.

Yours truly was second out of the chute lighting up a newly built Estes Fat
Boy on a B6-4, and then the Saturn V on an E15-4. Then it was time to
accelerate the cash burn rate and haul out the thrice zippered Small
Endeavour, with 12" of fresh Quantum Tube, the SE's first shot for today was
on a G75-medium. Kevin Leffler then sent the Fat Boy up twice on C6-3's. I
followed up with the Small Endeavour this time on an H128-short. Daughter
Kristen "I'm starting to like this rocket stuff" Leffler then sent up the
Fat Boy on a C6-5, and brother Kevin let the Saturn V go on an E30-7. I
then sent up my "extended" length LOC- Stovie (how's that for a plug
Barry??) on a G75-short. That was followed up by the Small Endeavour on a
G75-medium. Kevin once again fired of the Fat Boy on a C6-5. I then agreed
to a drag race with Mark Recktenwald, My Small Endeavour on a H128 against
Mark's infamous CR4 on a H180. I cleared the rod before Mark ever let out
the clutch, but once that H180 came up to pressure, the CR4 left me in its
dust. 2 H's at once is a great crowd pleaser. Given the burn rate for
those 2 motors, we're talking $14,400 an hour to race those 2 rockets!!!
(don't show the wives) My last flight was the Fat Boy on a C6-5

Mark Recktenwald started the day with his Sidewinder on the before mentioned
C6-3 drag race. Mark then launched his Shadow on 1 D12-7 and 4 C6-7's, then
in keeping with tradition, the D12 CATO'd and landed about 3 feet from the
pad, with minor smoke damage to the Shadow. The Shadow faired better next
time going up on 5 C6-5's. Mark also lofted his Marz Lander on an A10-3T.
The last flight of the day for Mark was another drag race (competitive
sucker ain't he?) pitting his CR4 camera rocket on an H180 against my Small
Endeavour running a small block H128.I lost. Son Adam also lofted his Bubba
on a C6-5

Paul Bixler and his brother John drove in from Pittsburgh (in search of a
superior football team) and stopped at the launch on the way to the Brown's
team store (so I hear). Paul's first shot was his Viper IV using 2 D12-7's
and 2 D11-P's (I hope to post a Photo to E-Groups later). Paul then sent up
his Nike Smoke on a D12-7, and his Little Buster on a cluster of 3 C6-5's.
his next flight was a scratch built "Rampart" on a D12-0 and D12-5. Paul's
Viper IV went back out on a combo of 2 D12-7's and 2 D11-P's. Next up was
his Expeditor on a G75-S and his last flight of the day was his scratch
built "Blazer" on an E30-7. Thanks for coming over to our neck of the woods

H. Weiss sent up a Graduator on G64

Paul Bauer burned his share of engines today also. Paul started with his
Estes V2 on a D12-5 and the fired up his Level 1 success story, Expeditor,
on a G80-7. He also sent his Expeditor on an H128-S, and closed out the day
with the V2 on a D12-5

Wolf made appearance lighting off his L'il Nuke on a G35-7

Tom Eckert had a great flight with his "Swinger" on a C6-3

The infamous Barry Lynch had several great flights.but unfortunately didn't
write 'em in the book. That's okay though because Barry's somewhat new to
this rocket stuff. I do recall he had a great flight on a proto-type V2 on
I believe a H128. Hopefully he can find a manufacturer to "kit" the model
for him, (I'd probably even buy one).

With the exceptions of those not recorded, here is a breakdown of ordinance

A's - 2
B's - 2
C's - 21
D's - 14
E's - 3
F's - 2
G's - 6
H's - 5

Total: 55 plus some MIA's

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Paul Bixler <PBixler@...>

Thanks to Mark, Mike, Chuck and all the Steeler fans that my brother and
I met today! We had a great time and enjoyed the hospitality. Very
good launch report except the Expeditor. That wasn't mine. No level 1
yet. Also that Rampart was a two-staged rocket which is about 13 oz.
sitting on the pad. Very slow liftoff on 1st stage, but once it gets
going it simulated and achieved about 1,000 feet for the top stage.
Will look forward to the Viper IV picture post and the day I launch my
first F & G motors! Still using E, D and C motors. I don't have good
picture of ViperIV taking off yet, so I'm hoping that it turned out
well! Also good launch system. We clustered at 100% today. Looking
forward to coming back someday and enjoyed meeting Barry Lynch,
president of Loc/ Precision. Would like to get some of those modular
baffle units for some scratch builds for use with 29 mm econojets that
I'm building Barry! Thanks for the catalogs Barry! Will pass them
out at the PSC and Dragonfire launches here in Pgh next year!




Excellent launch report! Wish I could have been there but I was paged just
as I was leaving and had to go into to work, what a bummer! Hope to make
it out to the next launch.

Ken Holloway