locked Map link for Saturday's party.


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Map looks good.


Harry Weiss   :)

Tod Hilty

This is from

Let me know how it looks from y'all's perspective, as since my browser has
it cached, it continues to show the same copy.

Anyway, you'll note the intersection of Pioneer Trail, and Mantua Center.
This intersection is the third to the east, along Pioneer Trail, from
Carlton's field.

High Street in Mantua is Mennonite Road to the west. Main street is SR 44
to the north, and the south. Reservoir is the only road entering High
street on the north side, and it's at the very top of the hill.

If it's still confusing, just go to, pick maps, and punch
in 10767 Reservoir Dr., Mantua, OH 44255, and keep zooming out until you
figure out where you're at! ;)


Mark Recktenwald <m_reckt@...>

There's more than one way to loft a cat . . .

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A much more stable link (the reason why can be discussed in a separate
forum for the geeks who want to know) is the following:

If your reader/browser clips or wraps the above link, you'll have to
cut and paste everything together from

The label "E" on their map stands for "End Point" and can be used in
their "Route Planner" to plan a route from your home to Tod's. To do
this, click on their link to "Plan a Route" on the left side of the
page. On the next page, click the "Enter Address" button under "Start
of Route". Enter your address, City, and State; then click "SET START
ADDRESS". On the resulting page, click the "Plan Route" button. You'll
then be presented with a full map from start to finish and turn-by-turn