locked Launch Report! (with extras)

Joe Angelucci

Hey guys,

Just a quick note to say we had a great time! Also,
this was the first time (twice even) that the 5 foot,
scratch built, EXCALIBER (or "chandelier" as Tod calls
it) was launched with no damage, not even from
catching it.
I was also successful in getting my 3+ foot, scratch
built, LEXINGTON back from the oak tree it spent the
last 2 weeks residing in. Thanks again, Joe Angelucci

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Hmmm.. maybe "13" is our lucky number? <g>

Date: 11/12/00
Location: Pioneer Trail Flying Field, 41d 17m 45s
N, 81d 16m 27s W
Temps: Mid 40's to 50
Winds: Calm to maybe 2-3 mph out of the East.

Sky started out overcast, and pretty crummy looking,
but broke up in
the afternoon, and we were treated to sunshine...
something none of us
had seen in quite a while!

Attending, Messrs. Graceffo, Faud, Angelucci(s),
Lovey, Waner, Bauer,
Leffler, Bouley, Williams, Laux, Lent, Fraley, Love,
and Hilty. Gobs
of family too. I'll bet we had 30-40 in attendance
at one point!

MIA (again!), Messrs. Straka, Recktenwald, Miller,
Levison, and Mikush
(maybe their green cards expired? Alien abduction?

Later in the afternoon, we were treated to the rare
(as of late)
appearance of <gasp> one Barry Lynch, current owner
of LOC! Larry
flew a couple, and, as usual, <g> didn't record his
flights, so I'll
have to recount his from memory...

Highlight of the day: Paul Bauer's successful Level
1! Welcome to
HPR Paul!

We'll report by flyer...

The Graceffo clan started things off with a scratch
build on a C5-3,
followed closely by an Estes Mongoose on a
C6-0/B6-4. He launched a
scratch build simply called "5.0" (must be an
upgrade huh? :), next on
a D12-5 which he followed with his Estes Fat Boy on
a C6-5 for power.
Larry's "Delta" scratch _really_ hummed off the pad
on a G38-7B, and
the old Big Bertha took off on a C6-5. The "Sky
Hog", powered by an
E30-7 was up, and Larry's scratch ring fin design
was off next for an
arrow straight flight on a C6-5. Larry, and Paul
Bauer dragraced
their Estes V-2's next on D12-5's with a very
spectacular near
"mid-air" collision as Larry's powered up and almost
caught up to
Paul's. Larry's Estes Broadsword was up next on an
F23-7. The day
was finished up with Larry, and his daughter's
creation, the "Mom"
rocket flying on a D12-5.

Bob Faud, flew a couple of "heavy lifters" starting
the day off with
his LOC Graduator lofting on an F54-8 for a heart
stopping long delay,
and perfect recovery! His next flight was a PML
Black Brant VB on a
wicked H128 short for a perfect flight. He finished
the day with his
1/4 scale Patriot on an H123 short, which flat out
ripped off the pad!
Thanks for the show Bob!

Mike Leffler, freshly christened L1 <g>, arrived
with his son, and
daughter in tow. Mike's first flight of the day was
his "extended"
LOC Stovi flying on a G38-4. Daughter Kristen flew
a SWE1 Naboo
Fighter on a B6-4 for a nice and stable flight.
Mike picked up a
built Estes Saturn V at a garage sale for $5, and
decided to launch it
on an AT E15-4. Nice flight, but we were wondering
when the chutes
were going to deploy! Kristen's Naboo was off again
on a B6-4, and
Mike followed with a PML Small Endevour on a G75-7J.
this time... <bg> Mike hefted the big ol' Saturn V
again, this time
with a bit more authority on an E30-7. The LOC
Stovi again flew
nicely on another G38-4, and Kristen's Naboo went
for a bit more
altitude on a C6-5. Mike's last flight of the day
was the PML Small
Endevour again on a G75 short. The QT zippered
again on this flight,
and it was located on a completely different portion
of the BT.

Mike Angelucci joined us again, and this time his
twin brother Joe,
and friend George Lovey came along to fly a few too!
Joe and Mike
apparently have kept all the models from their
"pre-BAR" days, and the
rest of the flyers enjoyed the chance to check out a
few of these
"original" models. Joe's van was also filled to the
ceiling with
scratch builds, and he, and Larry are definitely
major contenders for
the MTMA "King of all Scratch Builders" title! <g>
The "Flying
Angelucci Brothers" <g> started the day off with
Joe's Estes Wizard on
an A8-3, followed quickly by an Estes Screamer on a
1/4A. Brother
Mike sent up an old Estes Antares, first on an A8-3,
which was
followed by a second flight on a B6-4. George Lovey
flew the Antares
again on an A8-3. Joe's original Estes Big Bertha
flew nicely on a
C6-5, and Mike upped the power on ol' Antares,
lofting it on a C6-5.
The Estes Screamer again left the pad on a 1/4A, and
this was followed
with George's flight of an Estes "unknown" on an
A8-3. George flew
the Antares twice again first on a B6-2, and then on
a C6-5. Joe flew
the Big Bertha again, but this time with a cool
little parasite glider
attached. Perfect boost on the C6-3, and seperation
of the glider.
Bertha recovered nicely, but the glider came in
fast, and hard..<g>
Joe put an aging Estes Yankee-5 up next on a B6-2,
and then again on a
C6-3. An antique Estes Clipper left next on a C6-3,
which he followed
by an unknown Quest model boosted on a C6-3 also.
Mike flew his
original Estes Cherokee D three times on D12's for
some hefty altitude
on each flight! Mike's coolest flight of the day
was of his
"Pershing" (huh?), V-2. This rocket, when flown on
D's tends to come
off the rod slowly, flies a bit downrange, and then
coasts "like a
brick" after the boost. It looks more lilke a blimp
rather than a
V-2! <g> This time Mike used an AT E15-4, and the
rocket left the pad
at about the same speed, but climbed very strongly,
and deployed
perfectly. Awsome flight! Mike finished the day
with a volley of
Estes Scrambler flights. First on 3 A8-3's, next on
3 B6-4's, and
finally on 3 C6-3's!

Don William's single, but most spectacular flight of
the day was his
PML Tomahawk with dual, altimeter deployment, and an
I195J for power.
Loud, slow, smoky boost to apogee, and the forward
ejection blew,
breaking the rocket in half. As the rocket began
tumbling down, you
could hear the "Uh-Oh's" coming from the crowd.. <g>
At around 250
=== message truncated ===

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