locked Commemorative launch, July 20th

Jeff Kodysz

Greetings to all!

Another reminder of the coming special celebration event. On Saturday, July 20th, the MTMA will be hosting a celebration event to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. We will be getting things rolling at our normal time of 10:00 AM and will continue for most of the day, until the festivities and contests are over and prizes are awarded.

Wait... did I say CONTESTS and PRIZES??? Yes. Yes I did. in addition to the normal day's flying activities, we will be having two contests. the first will be a stand-off or sport-scale contest. Bring out your U.S. Space Program scale model rockets (of the flying type), from the Mercury program on up through the Apollo program, to be judged. This is not a NAR endorsed contest, but we will be adapting NAR pink book rules for judging. Your models don't need to be perfect, they just need to adequately represent the full-scale subject from a stand-off distance.

We will also be holding a spot-landing contest. The target will be an analog representation of the moon and the rocket landing closest to it wins!

We will be giving away very nice prizes for first, second, and third places in both of these contests, so bring out your entries, and dust up your parachutes!

We will also be holding a raffle for a brand new Estes #1969 Saturn V moon rocket kit! This is the one you have to build, not the pre-built plastic model.

Additionally, we will be giving everyone in attendance a ticket for an hourly door prize kit.

Please come and have fun, help out if you can and have fun! This is YOUR club and it's a great opportunity to show everyone what we do when we're out on a Saturday afternoon and come home smelling like burnt black powder!

See you all there!