locked Apollo 11 commemorative launch after-action thread #launchreport

Wolfram v.Kiparski

Saturday was a hot day, but we had our largest turnout of the year.  I wonder if it was one of our largest turnouts ever, but I don't have the numbers.  We hosted a Sport Scale and Open Spot Landing Contest and I'd like to announce the winners.  First place winners in each event won an Estes Little Joe II kit.  Second place winners in each event won an Estes Little Joe I kit.  Second place winners in each event won an Estes Mercury Redstone kit.

The Sport Scale event was open to Apollo-era rockets.

  • First Place went to Casey Anderson's Saturn V.  Casey built an Estes Saturn V, and chose to paint it metallic gold to celebrate the 50th (gold) anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.  It was a well-built model, and Casey described what a challenge this model was to build.  It looked good and flew just as good.
  • Second Place went to John Eck's 1/70 scale Saturn 1b.  John's model was built from the Estes kit in the early 1970's so it REALLY qualified as an Apollo-era model.  John never flew the rocket.  Over 40-years later it looked in very good condition.  John declined to fly this vintage model.
  • Third Place went to Rob Dedrick's Mercury Redstone.  Rob used Accur-8 skins to create a beautiful Mercury Redstone model.  For his effort, Rob won another Estes Mercury Redstone kit!
  • Honorable Mention had to go to our Junior Rocket Scientist, Nico, who scratch built a rather large Saturn V model.  He worked until 3:00 am trying to get it finished before the contest (sound familiar to anyone?) but didn't quite finish it.  It was the largest Saturn V that could fly without a waiver that I ever saw.  Good job, Nico!
For the Open Spot Landing event, participants had to "fly to the moon."  The Moon target was a styrofoam ball painted gray by Jeff Kodysz and stuck on a stick.

  • First Place went to the Jim and Aidan Siebyl Team, who flew their Shark Rocket to within about 8 meters of the Moon. Way to go!
  • Second Place went to me (Wolf) - I flew one of those RTF 1/200 Saturn V rockets using a B6-2 that landed about 10 meters from the Moon.
  • Third Place went to Rob Dedrick, who flew an Estes Twister on a 1/2A6-2 motor to about 14 meters from the Moon.  Rob won another Mercury Redstone kit for his effort.  We're expecting Rob fly a lot of Mercury Redstones in the future.
We also had a raffle for an Estes Saturn V kit, which was won by new MTMA member Jon Goldsby.  Way to go Jon!