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Very sad news indeed. 

My memory of Bruce is discussing his many Rocksim designs. Bruce may have been the only person to successfully model a stable saucer. Bruce analyzed the turbulence occurring under the saucer and hypothesized that it should be considered a physical part of the rocket body. Bruce modeled turbulence as an inverted cone that had drag (lowering the CP) but no mass (no effect on CG). Bruce knew that saucers were stable, but wanted to know why. His mathematical explanation was impressive. The conversation was lively. And my understanding of rocket design was better for it.


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I am deeply saddened by the news. Bruce helped me on my level one. I remember when I was building my motor it was 38 mill, and I had asked him to double check my O-rings. He said they were in the wrong place. I moved them to where he suggested, flew it and I had a KATO.  Luckily the damage was not bad.  I went back to the instructions and showed him that I was in fact correct with what I originally had.  I was able to cut a damaged section of my booster off, prep, load, and fly it again that day, this time with a perfect flight.  I was fortunate to have another load and case.  Bruce felt terrible about that and I used to needle him about it ever time I saw him after that.  It became our thing, the student showing up the master sort of thing.  But I did it out sheer respect for him and in a friendly way because he did so much to nurture my love of the hobby, he never knew it and I will never forget him.

God speed Bruce, May your winds be light and your skies be blue sir.


“We need more boom.”

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My heart is broken. 
When I was returning to the hobby and joined MTMA Bruce was helpful and supportive to me an my family. 
Praying for him and his family. 
He will truly be missed. 
As astra, Bruce. 

Mike Nowak

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Got word that dear longtime member of MTMA, Bruce Levison, passed away this morning from complications due to COVID 19.

He has been battling a number of health issues in recent years as well.

He will be missed!