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Mark Recktenwald

We are in the process of moving the MTMA Group from Yahoo Groups (where customer care no longer supports groups) to The conversion process may take several days to complete. If you send and receive group messages by email, your interaction with the "new" group will be the same as it is now with Yahoo Groups.

After the contact list (group members), message archive, calendar, files, photos, and other content have been suscesfully transferred; will send each of you a notification from "MTMA <>" with a subject line of "You have been added to" at which time you will be given the opportunity to unsubscribe (opt out) from the MTMA Group. You will also be added to a group named "" that sends out updates (5 to 10 messages per year) about the service and important new features.

You will need to change your address books to send new group messages to

Once the transfer and notifications have been completed, we will discontinue posting to the Yahoo Group. The Yahoo Group will remain, but it will be modified to point interested newcomers to the new group.

One thing to be aware of once we have made the move is to never mark massages from the MTMA Group as spam. will automatically unsubscribe you if you mark a message from them as spam, as that gets reported from your email service as a notice that you are no longer interested in that group. If that happens, you will get one email from to rejoin. I have heard of this happening to members of other groups on, but that people eventually get the hang of it. Those who do mark a message as spam will see an unsubscribe notice followed shortly by a re-subscribe notice in case they marked the message as spam by mistake.

I do not expect any bumps in the road during the move, and will help anyone who may experience any issues.


Mark Recktenwald

MTMA Group Moderator