locked launch equipment upgrade

Jim Seibyl


This year, MTMA has adequate funds to upgrade our launch equipment. That being said we need help in designing, building, and testing a new launch control system that would be flexible, easily transportable, and simple enough for quick setup/teardown.

The system would be similar to that used by the NAR for NARAM, and include adequate power for high power away pads, simultaneous launches (drag races), provided by a main controller box and power relays,

What features would you like to see?? Cupholders and built-in coolers aside, this is a serious discussion for a system that the club can use for years.

If you are interested in helping, AND serious about taking the time to help, than please follow the link below to a group that has been created strictly for discussion, feedback, results, etc. Since the controller system would be something we all could enjoy for years to come, your active participation would not only allow you to have input, but you would be helping everyone by adding your expertise and experience!!forum/mtma-launch-equipment-upgrade

Jim Seibyl