locked The 'friendly' folks at SCFG

Mark Recktenwald <m_reckt@...>

Good morning folks!

Check out the article that appeared in yesterday's Akron Beacon Journal:

References to our contact, Elizabeth Hale, start at paragraph 17 (about
halfway down the page).

We have a launch at SCFG on Thanksgiving Friday. It is supposed to be
pretty cold. Make sure you bring Nylon chutes, the Estes plastic ones
don't work well in cold weather. I doubt I'll be there at 9:00am, I
guess I was optimistic when I set that up in the calendar. Setup will
likely be from 10:00am to 10:30am when the range will open. So far we're
looking at just LMR (loaded rockets less than 3.3 pounds; engines 1/4A
through F, most G's, and a few H's).

Mark Recktenwald

Barry Lynch <belynch@...>

And I so wanted to show mom my new Bruiser EXP on the K1100.......... well -
guess it's going to be held at the fairgrounds?
Since when did the cold slow you down?
Hope it is a fine still afternoon-