locked 10/08/2000 Launch CANCELED

Mark Recktenwald <m_reckt@...>


Due the Tallmadge Heritage Festival Parade, the folks at the Summit
County Fairgrounds (SCFG) do not want us launching this Sunday.

We could change over to the Pioneer Trail site, but due to the weather
we are supposed to get, that site will likely be a cold mud hole by

I would like to schedule a launch at SCFG as soon as possible to prove
to myself that it can be done. I am going to try to get us permission
for the weekend of October 21/22.

More to come later.

Thanks to those that have recently signed-up for eGroups. The folks with
the following addresses signed up but did not reply to the confirmation

Mark Recktenwald
Stow, Ohio
NAR #77432, Level 1, Co V.P./Sec'y MTMA, NAR Section #606
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