moderated Re: Oct. 31 Launch at Barber Field is Canceled - NO GO! #nogo

Tom Augustyn

Thanks for the early heads up Wolf! Like I said last week. There's always leaves to rake! See everybody on the 14th! Here are some of the birds I plan on taking to Barber on the 14th:

ESTES Der Mega Red Max    Aerotech F50-6T

ESTES Interceptor E             Aerotech    E15-4

Launch Pad     3" BULLPUP      Aerotech   E30-4

Estes PS Nike Smoke               Aerotech F26-6FJ

Estes Mammoth                       Possibly 2 stage on 29 MM Estes F15-0 and F15-6

Estes Trident                            C6-5

Have a great, SAFE weekend everybody!


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We were hopeful, but we have to cancel this launch too.  The land owner informed me that field is soft and we risk getting stuck out there.  The rain from Tropical Storm Zeta Setting will just make it worse. Setting up on hard ground closer to the hangars is not an option due to the southeast winds.

We'll try again for November 14th.  There are other rocketry events regionally, but I'm not going to any of them.  If November 14th is a good day, we'll be flying rockets at the Barber Field.

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