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Tom Augustyn

Great news Wolf! Is there a current calendar available on the MTMA web site for launch dates?  The link I have saved below only reflects dates for 2019.

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For all you lurkers out there in non-MTMA member land, we have scheduled public launches at our new field at the Barber Airport north of Alliance.  Check the calendar for two dates in October and one date in November.  This is a much larger field than Harmon Flying Field in Aurora, with acres of mown grass.  If the wind is right, it's truly a pleasure to fly there not have to wade through tall grass and bushes to recover your rocket.  But being an active airport it has unique flying restrictions.  The field is not suitable for High Power because of the proximity of people's homes (< 1500 feet away).  The field is shared with a parachute club and a model airplane club.  The owner believes that a model rocket club can cooperate with the other clubs that also use this facility.  We think so too.  But access does come with a few caveats.

Caveat #1 - the Airport charges $5 per person day use fee.
Caveat #2 - non-MTMA members are restricted to a maximum 20 N-s power (D engine), no clusters, no staging at Barber Field.
Caveat #3 - non-MTMA members pay MTMA a $5 launch fee too - $10 total to fly at Barber.
Caveat #4 - we periodically have to shut down the range to allow the parachute club to do its thing.

Notice a trend here?  We want to encourage you to join the National Association of Rocketry and join MTMA.  This message goes out to 128 email addresses that are not bouncing and are not associated with club members.  Consider doing more than just lurking MTMA's email message list.  Re-up and come check us out.

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