moderated Re: Just found your group. Any plans to resume launches?

John Ulizzi

Hi Mike,

We just had a launch this past Saturday the 24th. Both our webpage and Facebook page should have specifics on our launches but generally they are the second and fourth Saturdays of the Month, with Sunday being the rain date. Our “home field” is Harmon Field in Aurora, and we just started flying alternately at another field in Alliance which has more space but I personally have not yet seen. Stay tuned for more. If you cannot find our locations, times, etc just ask here and one of us will help you. We will be happy to see you and your kids at our next launch !

John Ulizzi
Vice President

On May 25, 2020, at 10:50 PM, tractionengines <Tractionengines@...> wrote:

We would like to know if you are having any launches? The social distancing restrictions are being eased, and my kids and I have cabin fever. 


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