moderated Fw: [members] First Launch of 2020 and Membership Changes

Mark Recktenwald


I'd like to take this opportunity to let everyone know that the first scheduled launch of the 2020 season is coming up and is scheduled for Saturday, March 14th at Harmon Field in Aurora. We hope the weather cooperates and hope to see you all there.

Additionally, I'd like to inform everyone about some significant membership changes that will be taking effect beginning this year. With the goal of streamlining and simplifying our membership and dues structure, we've made several changes. These changes are outlined in the 2020 business meeting minutes which have been published. If you would like a copy to review, please drop us a note and we will get one to you.To save some time, I'd like to go over the most important ones here:

1. Membership dues are $20 per year. There will be no pro-rating of dues.

2. Dues for renewing members are now due by the first scheduled launch of the season. In this case, it's March 14th. If the first launch is cancelled or rescheduled, the dues are STILL due by that date. If your dues are not paid by that date, you will incur an additional $5 penalty when your dues ARE paid. You will not be allowed to launch until your dues are paid for the year.

3. Dues can be sent directly to our treasurer Mark Recktenwald. If you need his mailing or contact information, please email him at markrecktenwald@...

4. As of the 2020 season NAR membership is REQUIRED for ALL members. If you are a renewing club member but are not a NAR member, please join the NAR before sending us your dues renewal.

5. Once your dues are paid, an MTMA membership card for 2020 will be mailed to you. Please have that card with you whenever you attend a launch and be prepared to show it if asked. There are lots of new members coming on board and we need to be able to tell who you all are until we know you better.

The club website will be updated soon and the new launch schedule will be posted there. Generally, we are launching the second Saturday of each month at Harmon, and we hope to launch the fourth Saturday at  our new location, Barber Field in Alliance. We are still getting approval for that launch schedule. In July, we are switching weekends with the Flying Aces to allow them to conduct a special event of their own, much as they switched with us last summer for our Apollo 11 commemorative event.

Remember, your dues renewals are now due by March 14th, or renewing will cost $25. 

I'm happy to answer any of your questions regarding these changes. I know that change is sometimes a pain, but these changes are being made to ensure the continued growth of the club. We appreciate your patience as well, since we anticipate their being some bug that will need to be worked out with these new procedures.



Jeff Kodysz
Mantua Township Missile Agency
NAR Section #606

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