locked Model rockets for sale

Jeff Kodysz

Hello all,

Barb Hubal has contacted us and asked if we could post up a list of a few rockets she has for sale. These are built and ready to fly rockets, not kits. All communications / questions etc should be directed to Barb directly through the provided contact information.

LOC Park Flyer Black Brant X $35
LOC Park Flyer IQSY Tomahawk $25
Scratch-built Sprint D $10
Scratch-built Estes Pathfinder $10
Semroc Aerobee-Hi (13" length) $5
Rocketarium KSR-420S (Cluster) $15
Estes Astron Skydart $10
Apogee competition boost-glider
(with 2 booster pods) $8

Or $100 for the whole lot

Please contact Barb Hubal directly at:



Jeff Kodysz
Mantua Township Missile Agency
NAR Section #606

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