locked MTMA NRC Launches

Wolfram v.Kiparski

During October our regular launches will also be sanctioned by the National Association of Rocketry as NRC Launches.  "NRC" means, National Rocketry Competition.  It's kind of like an ongoing National model rocketry postal contest that's been going on for the past couple years, and MTMA is just now supporting this event for its first time.

The MTMA NRC launch is to be run concurrently with our scheduled model rocket launch and has no separate schedule.  The NRC model rocket flights are pretty much just like any other model rocket flight, except that NRC flights are timed with a stop watch, or have an altimeter onboard that must be read by a contest official.  This launch is an officially sanctioned event of the National Association of Rocketry.  Anyone may participate, but only NAR members will have their flight performance entered on the National Score Board.

The events are:
1/2 Parachute Duration
1/2A Streamer Duration
1/2A Helicopter Duration
1/2A Boost Glider Duration
1/2A Altitude
B Payload Altitude

The event rules are found in the U.S. Model Rocket Sporting Code

Altimeter Useage
Fliers must either check to see if MTMA supports downloading data from your altimeter, or bring the equipment necessary to do so.
Fliers must supply their own NAR Standard Payloads, but they must be inspected and approved by the Contest Director prior to launch.

Respond to this discussion thread if you have any questions.
-Wolf  (MTMA NRC Contest Director)

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