locked Re: Handbook of Model Rocketry

John Ulizzi

This sounds like rocketry’s counterpart to what “First Steps In Winemaking” is to the amateur winemaker. It’s regarded as the the bible and the starter and is a good and educational read for novices and experienced alike. It was first printed in the 70s, or maybe even the 60s, and is in the 8th or 10th edition now.  If this rocketry handbook is indeed that good, I need one, because the mishaps the winemaking one saved me from making saved me a lot of $$$ and grief...

And we all know I’ve had my mishaps in rocketry...🤣


On Sep 10, 2019, at 4:19 PM, Wolfram v.Kiparski <astronwolf@...> wrote:


Because of some very generous donors, MTMA is now offering the Handbook of Model Rocketry for only $5.00.

There are very limited quantities available, and I'm limiting sales to one copy per person.  You have to be at our launch and fly a rocket.  First come, first served...

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