locked MTMA Kit Bash Contest

Wolfram v.Kiparski

Everyone who hung around until the afternoon at the last launch all received an Estes Astron Sprint XL kit.  We proposed a kit bash contest.  The rules for the contest are simple:

  1. You must build a model rocket that doesn't look like the Estes Astron Sprint XL using only the contents of the kit.
  2. You can't add materials or parts, like more balsa, another tube, or a substitute nose cone.  If the parts weren't in the original package for the kit, you can't use them.
  3. You must fly the model at September 14 launch.
If you didn't stay or didn't go to the launch but want to participate, get a Sprint XL kit and join in.  If you are an MTMA member who did not get a Sprint XL kit and want to participate, you may qualify for a FREE KIT.  Contact Jeff Kodysz (the Sprint XL Man) for details.

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