locked Apollo 11 Moon Landing Commemorative Launch is GO! - Sat, 07/20/2019 #go

Wolfram v.Kiparski

This Saturday's Apollo 11 Moon Landing Commemorative Launch is a GO.  This is a public model rocketry event.  We start flying at 10:00 am.  We need one or two MTMA members to arrive by 0930-0945 to help set up.  There's really not much work involved in setting up.

  • Weather is predicted to be sunny and HOT, with a 9 mph breeze out of the southwest. 
  • Heat Index will be around 100. 
  • There is a slight chance for rain in the afternoon. 
  • This prediction was made as of 1900 hours 18-JUL-2019. 
  • I may not be posting anymore weather updates, so keep an eye on the sky.

  • It is going to be VERY HOT. 
  • Wear loose light colored clothing, sunscreen, a hat, and bring water. 
  • Start drinking water at 5:00 pm Friday and get yourself hydrated before you go to bed. 
  • Start drinking water when you rise.  This is no joke. 
  • Best bet is to just stay out of the sun, but we can fly too many rockets that way. 
  • Bring a chair and seek shade under the pavilion.

  • Long pants and footwear that can tolerate the tall grass and brush northeast of the launch area are highly recommended. 
  • You could pick up a tick or two out there so be prepared. 
  • Despite how hot it's going to be, I recommend leaving the shorts and sandals at home.

LAUNCH SAFETY and a few reminders
  •  We will be flying from the usual spot northwest of the Flying Aces Runway. 
  •  Please do not walk on the runway. 
  •  Please do not drive out into the field or drive out to the launch area.  Park in the gravel lot.
  •  We will not allow angling launch rods toward the parking area or toward the road. 
  •  Launches will be conducted by an MTMA Launch Control Officer (LCO) and Range Safety Officer (RSO).  All flights are subject to the NAR Model Rocket Safety Code.
  •  We can't support High Power Rocketry at the Harmon flying field.
  • We're flying two events - Sport Scale and Open Spot Landing. 
  • There will be nice prizes for the top three places in each event.  First place prize is a Saturn V kit.
  • The Sport Scale event is open only two Mercury/Gemini/Apollo space program launch and test vehicles. 
  • Missiles and sounding rockets from the era are excluded from the Sport Scale event.
  • If you are participating in the Spot Landing event, your first flight of the day must be a spot landing attempt.  You get one try.  No practice flights.
  • The rules for the events can be found here:  https://www.nar.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/USMRSC-V3.pdf
  • Plus we will have a raffle, and be giving away door prizes.
I'm planning on staying there until at least 4:00 pm, unless I get called in to work for a bit.  We might stay later if there is interest and the weather holds up.
See you Saturday,

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