locked MTMA Launch is GO! - Sat, 06/22/2019 #go

Wolfram v.Kiparski

This Saturday's launch is a go.  This is a public model rocketry event.  We start flying at 10:00 am.  Need a couple MTMA members to arrive by 0930-0945 to help set up.  There's not much work involved in setting up.

Weather is predicted to be sunny, warm, with a 2 mph breeze out of the east.  This is the same forecast we had two weeks ago, and we know how that worked out.  But if the forecast holds true it will be ideal for rocket flying on our small field.

Field conditions are going to be soggy.  The grass is getting tall.  Long pants and footwear that can tolerate wet conditions in the great outdoors are highly recommended.  Leave the shorts and sandals at home.

I'm planning on staying there until 4:00 pm, unless some personal business matter arises between now and then that demands my attention.

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