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Mark Recktenwald


As a general rule, the club sets up four small pads (three 1/8" rods and one 3/16" rod)  and one big pad (changeable 1/4" rod and 1010 rail).

The Aurora field only supports rocket launches under the Model Rocket Safety Code (up to G motor).

Our launch system was made by Dog House Rocketry (prior to their sale to Binder Design). It is a 12-volt relay system that is "continuity-check safe" for low current igniters. The system consists of a central controller (positioned at the LCO table) that connects to up to three launch heads at each "cluster" of pads. Each launch head has four independent leads. Continuity can be checked by the rocketeer at the pad and/or by the LCO.

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I will be there looking to join up.  Would anyone care to list the launch equipment available for members?  

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What are you guys gona launch SUBMARINES 

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Cool! my TARC team needs to fly a test or two and I need to pay my club fee.  See you guys around 11!

“We need more boom.”

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This Saturday's launch is a go.  We start flying at 10:00 am.  Arrive before 10:00 to help set up.

Weather is predicted to be partly sunny, cool, with a light breeze out of the northeast.

We're only flying until 2:00 pm.

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