locked MTMA Launch Report - March 24, 2019

Mark Recktenwald

We had a great turnout for our launch this past Sunday. There were 40 flights made by 12 individuals, several being new members. There were also several spectators.

Although the day started out a little cold and the winds were not as light as expected, we had an awesome day. Brothers Ben & Nathan H. flew their Estes Taser rocket six times on A and B motors. A couple hard landings induced a tube wrinkle followed by a broken fin, ending their day, but it looked like they had a lot of fun. Enthusiasteic new member Nico L. launched a pair of rockets (Estes Athena and Estes Rocket Science) on A through C motors, eventually loosing his Estes "Rocket Science" Model Rocket to the trees after an awesome high altitude flight on a C motor. New member Casey Anderson, who flew as a non-member at one launch last year, flew an impressive array of rockets on motors ranging from B through E, including several single-use and reloadable composite motors. New member Dave Brendorfer put up a newly-built Falcon 9 model that suffered a shock cord separation. The booster tried to turn Bartlett Road into Landing Zone 1 and came down hard on the asphalt (no "hover", all "slam"), while the fairing drifted to the woods looking for Mr. Steven! Dave decided to go home via Mennonite Road to see if he could find the fairing. Hopefully he comes to the next launch with good news.

Later in the day, Casey made a trip to the woods to look for a rocket he lost in a tree last fall. A couple months of Ohio weather took care of his shock cord and the lower section, with a reloadable casing, was on the ground waiting for him!

We saw several flights each from returning members John Eck; Gary Stricker; Bill Berger; John Berkey, his grandson Derrick, and friend Ben Beck; and me. We launched rockets on motors ranging from 1/2 A to F impulse. There were a couple cluster and staged flights, a helicopter-recovery rocket, and a paratrooper in one as well!

I hope to see everyone at the next launch, including those of you that couldn't make it out on Sunday. We are looking forward to a lot of nice launching weather this year to make up for all the poor weather we had last year.


Mark Recktenwald

MTMA Treasurer

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