locked Launch Report for 7/28/2018

Jeff Kodysz

I thought I would post a brief post-launch report to share with those who couldn't make it to this past weekend's launch.

We were blessed with absolutely gorgeous weather for a launch. Although it was a bit breezier than we expected, it wasn't too bad and the temperature was that perfect not-too-hot-not-too-cool level that made it pleasant to sit out and launch rockets.

We were happy to see many of you make it out, and we had a few visitors join us who were new to the hobby. Heck, I somehow managed to drag my 18 year-old son out to the field to watch and help retrieve rockets with his younger brother.

Due to some elevated breezes early on in the launch, we started out with some low-flying, but crowd pleasing non-standard models. An estes snitch, a few Quin-stars, and even a 2-stage mini spool, courtesy of Pat Easter, who came out to fly with us. John Ulizzi did his part to smoke out any bugs in the area with several flights of his Rocketarium Vortico on F-26 and F-50 composite motors.

Later on the wind relaxed a bit and some more conventional rockets started to make appearances. For the most part, all were successful flights, although some did have difficulties Such as a Cherokee 3 sustainer which suffered a broken fin after a somewhat tough landing. The only loss of the day came about when one of our guest's rockets, an Estes Crossfire, suffered a shock cord separation at ejection. The main rocket came down fairly easily even without the parachute, which had stayed attached to the nosecone. With the winds aloft being a bit brisk, we tracked the nosecone drifting through thermals as it floated away out of sight somewhere over Streetsboro. Maybe. It could still be aloft for all we know.

All in all though, this was a successful launch, everyone had fun, and everyone was safe. We look forward to many more such launches this year.

If anyone has any photos or videos from the launch that they would like to share, please forward them over and we will post them.

Just as a reminder, our next launch will be August 11th (weather permitting of course) but will be a Cub Scout launch (around 30 kids). We will be starting with the cubs as early as possible to get them all done, and if there is time left over, we will be able to launch our own rockets. Thanks to those who have already volunteered to come out to assist with the 8/11 launch, and for the following launch on August 25th, which will be a dual Boy Scout Troop launch (approximatley 75 kids). We still need help for both launches, so if you can come and lend a hand, please let me know and I will add you to our list.

Remember to always keep the pointy end up and we will see you all very soon!


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