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On Saturday 5/19 will be the annual launch of the Chagrin Falls Intermediate School (5th graders) Rocket Club. Each year, the 5th grade science class is given the opportunity to participate in rocket club where each student builds and flies a "B" class model rocket (typically Baby Bertha or Wizard/streamer).

Setup at 8:30a, launch begins at 9a. The filed is behind the Chagrin Falls High School on East Washington Street. We have about 50 kids launching three times from a six pad launching system. There are lots of drag races!

Help is most welcome. Managing that many kids and flights safely is our first priority. Demonstration flights are welcome (be aware, the field is small, so saucers are king). Email me with any questions: warren3@....

Thanks! Warren

Warren Farr

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Apparently, our pleas to the weather gods have fallen on deaf ears, and Jobu has once again forsaken us. Thus, we are calling off the launch scheduled for this coming weekend for BOTh Saturday, and the make-up launch on Sunday. the forecast for both days is rain and thunderstorms.

If anyone has any pull with DARPA, maybe they could get HAARP running and send some nice weekends our way. 

Next launch will be the 26th. 


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