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Mark I will be doing my show from Amherst for the Penton 50th anniversary on the 10th then packing for a week in Daytona Bike Week. Have fun Saturday don't burn anything down while I'm gone and I'll catch up with you guys the following week.

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Our first launch of 2018 should be THIS SATURDAY, March 10, at Noon. The weather forecast is not looking too good, but we will wait to see how much snow we get and if the forecast highs change. Right now the forecast high temperatures both Saturday and Sunday are just above freezing.

Our 2018 Launch Calendar will be posted to the website and group calendar soon. It’s the usual 2nd and 4th Saturday with Sunday as the weather make-up day. We are, however, making a change to the staffing at the launches. The 2nd Saturday will be a fully-staffed launch (club officers and club gear present), while the 4th Saturday will be a bring-your-own-gear (BYOG) launch. These BYOG launches are only be open to those paid-up MTMA members who also hold NAR membership. A club officer may or may not be present at the 4th Saturday launch, so each member’s personal NAR insurance will be in force.

Mark Recktenwald
MTMA Treasurer

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