locked MTMA Launch Equipment Cleaning and Repair

Wolfram v.Kiparski

I thought that we got a lot accomplished.  Present at the work party was Mark Recktenwald (our host), John Ulizzi, Gary Stricker, and myself.  After 5-6 hours passed, we had cleaned, polished, and sorted all of the launch rods and the rail.  The electronic launch gear was inspected and cleaned.  We sorted through everything we had and got rid of some junk.  The launch clips were wire brushed.  And our troublesome launch pad heads have been reconditioned and are 100% functional. 

Still on the to-do list: 
We will be replacing one of the ethernet cables with more robust outdoor cabling.  We will be replacing our mid-power pad with something easier to use and a little less cumbersome to transport.  A 20mm rail from 80/20 Inc. for use with mini-rail-buttons may (as in might) be available this Spring.

More to-do:
We are still working on what steps need to be taken to improve our range operations.  I believe that we are going to be asking MTMA members for more help running launches.  More about this later in another thread.

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