locked L3 -Close but no Cigar!

Barry Lynch <belynch@...>

The HyperLOC-M flew in Canada this week and lived to fly again!  Unfortunately the Paratech parachute I had ordered did not arrive so I had to scramble - cobbled together a borrowed SkyAngle XL and a special chute that Rocketman made up for Anthony Ceseroni for a drogue.
Well - that M1010 is one HELL of a load! The earth shook and the crowd stood silent as it left the pad.  I had adjusted the SID (delay time) to 10 seconds (was to be 15) and at the point in flight where the altimeter came to life it detected apogee and fired!  (300mph is not good on parachutes - even L3 chutes).
The SkyAngle split in 2 but was able to bring me to the rocky earth lightly enough to do no damage - however - split chutes and early ejections do not a Level 3 certification make.
The only other Hypertek M that went off was in Mr. Ceseroni's own carbon fiber (I guess it had to be 10K worth of work) rocket that had failure in both Altec units and went to haven in a 4'hole.
At least my design came back to try again - maybe on July 7 at NY Power.
Thanks for your good wishes - we are getting close!  The flight was perfectly straight and true.
Barry E Lynch

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