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Mark Recktenwald <m_reckt@...>

Hilty Information Systems wrote:

I just checked the field about an hour ago, and _all_ corn is out, so the
field is now the size it was during our June launch. The area that was
plowed before is now disked (read, much smoother), and I will be verifying
with the landowner that he's not got anything planted there.
I know it felt like June because it was so warm, but the launch at
Pioneer Trail before the corn was planted was actually on April 30!

Here's a run-down of launches since MTMA became an official NAR section.

- Second Sunday in April we got rained/snowed out at SCFG.
- Fifth Sunday in April was the aforementioned launch at Pioneer Trail.
- Second Sunday in May was the "I told you so" Mothers' Day launch at
- Second Sunday in June was the "you're scaring Fifi" launch at SCFG.
- Second Sunday in July was canceled due to "field issues".
- Fifth Sunday in July was a beautiful day at Pioneer Trail.
- Second Sunday in August was canceled due to wet field conditions at
Pioneer Trail.
- Fourth Sunday in August was when Zeus ran us off of the Pioneer Trail
- Second Sunday in September we did the Aviation Day display at KSU
- Fourth Sunday in September we got rained out at Pioneer Trail.
- Second Sunday in October was canceled due to "field issues" and wet
- Fifth Sunday in October was "a rocketeers dream weather day" at SCFG.

Weather forcasts are improving, so, at this point, I don't see any scrubs on
the horizon.
Still looking good!

Hope to see everyone Sunday!
I won't be there, but wish you all clear skies and calm winds.

Mark Recktenwald

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