Pat Easter

I was shocked at the response to my “FIRE SALE” email. I see the weather will be in the in the
50s tomorrow, so I’m going to set everything outside and have a garage sale. The sale will begin
at 1PM.
If you are willing to help with the final set up you can show up at 11AM. My address is 1432
Elbur Ave in Lakewood. The easiest directions are get off on Bunts Road and head north 4 blocks
to Detroit. Turn Right and drive three blocks to Elbur, then right again. We are the last
street before St Ed’s High School.
I have attached a google map to show the location.

Some of the items have already been spoken for and some are simply not for sale. Some will have
prices on them. These are the retail prices on fairly current items, or, in some cases, what I
paid for them.

Everything will be sold at “MAKE ME AN OFFER PRICES!!!!”

I am not selling because I am getting out of rocketry. I am not selling because I need the
money. I simply realized I have so many rockets and kits I will never fly or build them all.
There will be a wide variety of kits, partially build kits and I could go on forever about this.

Light refreshments also.

Pat Easter
Skybusters Section Advisor
Skybusters Outreach and Education

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