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Dan Bihary <dbihary@...>

My family was planning on coming out from Lorain to fly.  We have heard good things about MTMA!  Too bad, weather looks promising.

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Well, poo.  I can't seem to ever get into a launch rhtyme!  Hope to be out at the end of October :(
Steve Stein

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Due to unavailability of club officers, our launch this Saturday (September 26, 2015) is being changed to a "bring-your-own" launch. Hours will still be limited to the window from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

For insurance reasons (a City of Aurora requirement), ONLY those persons who are currently-active and paid members of both NAR and MTMA may launch.

This launch is NOT open to the public, or to anyone who is not currently active and paid-up for 2015 for both NAR and MTMA. If you are in doubt, the answer is NO.

Club equipment will NOT be on site and you are responsible for bringing your own launching gear and fire suppression equipment. As always, you MUST follow the NAR Model Rocket Safety Code:

There is to be no automobile traffic in any area other than the Entry Drive and Parking Lot. Foot traffic across the runway is restricted to the usual path to the west of the field identification sign. If your rocket lands on the runway, please take a perpendicular path out and back to retrieve it. Please pick up and properly dispose of all trash (yours or not) including spent igniters an d plugs, prior to leaving the field.

The next scheduled club launch is Saturday, October 10, 2015.

Mark Recktenwald
MTMA Treasurer

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