locked Re: ACRM 2014 and RHMRM 2014 - June 14 and 15 - Harmon Flying Field, 6/14/2014, 9:30 am

Jim Seibyl

i can do an hour of range duty at 2 or 3 pm on saturday

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People!  We have an excellent weather forecast for this weekend.  The latest prediction is for sunny skies and winds <10 mph all weekend.  Winds will be out of the north on Saturday, and out of the south on Sunday.

These are nearly perfect flying conditions!  Don't miss out.

I am asking all MTMA members to volunteer to take a shift in performing range duty this weekend.  If everyone chipped in an hour or so, everyone will have a chance to fly, and the same guys won't be stuck at the range head doing safety checks and launching flights.  There will be a duty roster, so please sign up for a slot when you arrive.

This weekend is also an opportunity to pay your club dues.  Basic family membership is $10.  Member range fees at $2 per day per family.  Non-member range fees are $5 per day per family.  We introduced a "frequent flier level" membership of $20 per family which entitles you to $0 range fees all year.  If you plan on attending many launches for the rest of the year, this can be a good deal.

Looking forward to a great weekend.... see you all on the field.


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